Giraffe Cake & Cupcakes: 7 Ideas For Your Theme Party

The following are 7 homemade Giraffe cakes for your inspiration!

Some are creative 3D giraffes made from fondant while others are interesting giraffe shaped cakes using buttermilk as the yellow base and melted chocolate for the brown dots.

Giraffe Cake Pictures

1. Clever Design

giraffe cake

Photo courtesy of David Shane via creative commons (CC). I thought it is pretty creative because it solves the common issue of how to make the long neck of the giraffe. This way, the cake looks pretty cute and at the same time relatively easy to make. Clever!

2. Cute Fondant Giraffe With A Ribbon

Fondant Giraffe

Photo courtesy of David Shane via CC. This is a lovely cake covered entirely by fondant. For those who are more advanced in bakery (or in playdoh playing?!) in my opinion.

3. A 2-D Baby Giraffe Cake

giraffe cake

Photo courtesy of kristinausk. This is another cake that looks quite doable for relative beginners. You can first draft the giraffe using a paper and cut the pieces according the paper mold. The cream around the cake is optional but it does help make the cake look more 3-dimensional.

How About These Giraffe Shaped Cakes?

I would think these cakes take quite a while to assemble but it is probably easier than making one out of fondant. What do you think?

4. Giraffe Shaped Cake — With Eyelashes!

Giraffe shaped cake

Photo courtesy of jgraham. It is an art as much as cake making. I love the attention to details, especially on the eye lashes. Well done!

5. Elegant Giraffe

Giraffe shaped cake

Photo courtesy of paulandtally. The baker must be a great artist too — see how elegant the giraffe is. The neck part is pretty hard to make and the fondant is wrapped very nicely. I also think it’s a great idea to put the birthday number besides the cake instead of forcefully fit it in.

The little one must be thrilled to see the cake!

6. Giraffe Cake On The Run!

giraffe shaped cake

Photo courtesy of ladymaygreen. This is a chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, and melted chocolate for the spots. Nice!

My Favorite Giraffe Birthday Cake

7. Birthday Number In Giraffe Style

giraffe cake

This is my favorite because it fits the giraffe theme perfectly, it’s simple and at the same time neatly made. Love those popcorn horns and gummy ears! Most importantly, a great sample that I can follow myself!

How To Make A Giraffe Cake

Don’t have much time to carve out the giraffe shape and cover the pieces with frosting?

A simple way is to get one of these giraffe cake toppers or decorations so you can decorate a cake of any size and style and make it uniquely your own.

For More Giraffe Cake Ideas…

Giraffe party invitations

I would also suggest that you check out these giraffe party invitations which feature lots of lovely and adorable giraffes.

I understand that many customers actually create the whole theme based on these cards, so do check them out and see if any of the invitations will give you the inspiration!