Giraffe Baby Shower Invitation Wording: 5 Alluring Ideas

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When it comes to animal-themed parties, one of the regarded as frontrunners is the ever-gorgeous Giraffe. Giraffes are undeniably stunning creatures inside the animal kingdom. They epitomize timeless beauty and sophistication due to their long necks and peaceful nature.

Check out below for some of the Giraffe-inspired baby shower invitation wording suggestions. Make your party invites a lot more special using the charm of this magnificent animal.

Giraffe Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples

Try these cute and charming giraffe baby shower invitation:

Come and join our prepared festivity
It is a shower party for our baby
The occasion’s theme is a jungle safari
A long neck giraffe, definitely a must-see

June 28, Sunday 2 PM
At 1234 Figueroa Lane.

RSVP to Tasha 773 558 2300

Here is another giraffe baby shower invitation emphasizing the places in Africa:

Watch out for our upcoming baby shower party
A jungle-themed event for our friends and family
Animals ranging from giraffe, lion and monkeys
Found in the Serengeti as well as the desert of Kalahari

Come celebrate with us on June 15, Saturday
At 155 Evergreen Drive,
Baltimore, Maryland at 1 PM.

RSVP by June 1st by
309 556 6578

This giraffe  baby shower party invitation highlights animals from  different continents:

You are all invited to join in the safari fun
A baby shower party basking under the sun
Animals found in the Nile and even the Amazon
Like the savannah giraffe and the jungle python

When: November 15, Friday
Where: The Soda Pop Shop, 2112 South Lane Highway
Time: 3 PM

RSVP by November 2nd to Katie at 383-344-5555

This fourth example of a baby shower party theme focuses on the similarity with the features of a giraffe and the never-give-up attitude

Get ready to witness an event like no other
A giraffe-themed party ideal for a baby shower
For the height of this animal resembles a tower
Having high hopes for our child, we’ve seen in this creature

October 24, Sunday 6 PM
At Lily’s Tea House, 36 Coventry Road
Santa Monica, California

RSVP to Jane at 646 532 4196

The last suggestion we have for a giraffe baby shower party invitation uses a medieval-period fanfare setting to catch the attention of visitors:

Hear ye, hear ye, friends and family
I summoned you all to attend our baby shower party
Some of the animals who are expected to join the festivity
Would be a giraffe in the savannah and a monkey in the tree

Saturday, September 20
2:00 PM
The Cupcake Parlor
478 Kingston Crescent
Please bring a book for baby’s first library

RSVP to Jessica Langeberg
At 215-474-9686
By September 10

But I am just BORED of producing new entertaining phrasings yearly?  Is there a template I can utilize to reduce my task?

giraffe-baby-shower-invitations-8I can relate to you…with a small amount of kids I used to do it numerous instances annually. But I have presently transferred to templates – yes they are convenient, but better yet you can transform with your occasion details so it still SEEMS TO BE unique

It stores so much time, and definitely, not that pricey!

giraffe baby shower invitations