Slumber Party Invitations: 7 Super Fun Ideas

Slumber party invitations

Are you thinking about a special party for your child? Well, is he/she old enough for a slumber party? If so it will be one of the most memorable party ever! Please take a look at these wonderfully designed cards specifically for your slumber party invitation. All the wordings can be customized online — please… [read more]

Creative Party Games For Kids

More party game ideas for you: 1. Coin on The Ball What to prepare: a large basin, tennis ball (or any small ball that floats), a few coins How to play: Fill the basin with water and put the tennis ball in Ask the children to take turns to balance the coin on the tennis… [read more]

8 Hassle-Free Preschool Party Games For The Upcoming Birthday

Preschool party games

Planning on preschool party games can be a head-ache when there are so many items to take care of in the party planning process. I hope the following party game┬ásuggestions┬ácan provide you with old and new ideas for a hassle-free and fun-filled party. If you have any suggestion, please leave a comment at the end… [read more]