Funny Thanksgiving Invitations

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Funny Thanksgiving Invitations

Thanksgiving is all about showing gratitudes… and having fun with your family and friends! Instead of sending out your traditional thanksgiving invitations, why not pick a card that’s more stylish and playful, something that reflects your personality?

Here is a collection of cards that can help you achieve that this year. Please note that the wordings can be easily customized and you can click on the images or links for further details.

Funny Thanksgiving Invitations with a Sense of Humor

1. Gobble And Give

funny thanksgiving invitation

Gather your favorite people for some gab and some goodies. This cute Thanksgiving invitation is so sweet, it will put all your guests in the mood for your delectable desserts!

2. Turkey Talk

funny thanksgiving invitations

Another “gobble gobble” thanksgiving invitation featuring a cheerful and colorful turkey. Certainly not your traditional holiday invite!

“Beautiful invite and excellent quality card stock. Our guests loved receiving this playful invitation!” ~ Allsparkle, Texas

3. Autumnal Jumble

funny thanksgiving invitations

How about this light-hearted thanksgiving invite with all the festive nouns and adjectives you can think of for this happy season?

4. Hand Painted

funny thanksgiving invitations

Need a hand planning your big turkey day dinner? Coloring Cricket is ready for you with this amusing and adorable Thanksgiving party invitation, complete with a nostalgic finger-painted bird.

5. Good Eats

Funny thanksgiving invitations

Adjust your belt buckle and take a bite out of these funny thanksgiving invitations. Covered with dots and vibrant color, this design is enough to fill an empty stomach!

“Great invitation. Cute, modern and still fun. My family is still talking about it.” ~ Issa5050

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… But What if I Just Want to Send Out a Card?

Sure. It’s a lovely idea to send a photo card to your families, especially those who can’t make it for the reunion.

Thanksgiving photo cardsPhoto thanksgiving cards is an excellent way to update your loved ones with a greeting and your greatest smile on a card.

There are more than 120 photo cards to choose from with this specific warm and cozy thanksgiving theme.


Thank You!

I hope you enjoyed browsing and clicking through these cards! For more party invitation ideas please go to our facebook or home page for Thanksgiving and other interesting themes.