Parisian and French Party Invitations: Stylish and Unique!

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On January 2, 2014
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French Party Invitations

Fancy A Party In French Style? These invitation cards are perfect for a French Festival celebration, a send-off party to Europe, or any french-themed parties.

Both of these cards can be personalized with your own wordings which can be done conveniently online. For details please click on the images or links.

Parisian and French Party Invitations

1. Parisian Party

french party invitations

A beautifully designed french party invitation featuring the Eiffel Tower in the font as well as a sketch of the Parisian scene in the background.

2. Fanciful Fete

parisian party invitations

Another stylish design with the Eiffel Tower more prominently featured with subtle pattern of the classic patterns.

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