Fire Truck Party Invitations: 3 Unique Ideas

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fire truck party invitations

Looking for the perfect fire truck party invitations? Look no further as these two designs below are loved by many parents. Both of them are gender neutral which means that they are great for girls (or the girl guests of your little boy) too!

Please note that all the wordings can be customized online and the final design will be proof-read by a professional graphics designer.

Personalized Fire Truck Party Invitations

1. Fire Engine

fire Truck party invitations

Plan the perfect party for your little boy with our fire truck party invitations! Your son may love his fire truck toys, but nothing beats visiting a real fire station with his friends.

“[T]he service was speedy and, as always, just as i ordered. great designs to choose from!” ~ Lucas and Logan Mommy, California

2. Fire Truck

fire truck party invitations

Check out this new fire engine party invitation that allows you to showcase your little one on the card. Now s/he is the REAL fire fighter. How special is that!

3. Fire Truck

fire truck party invitations!

This fire truck party invite is sure to capture guests’ attention with vibrant hues of yellow and rich red. Perfect for visiting a fire station or providing party fire hats for your son’s friends, these cards are sure to set the tone for a fun-filled day!

Note: Square-shaped cards have a higher postage charge (around 20¢ – 44¢ extra) if posted in the US.

“I looked and looked for the perfect fire fighter invitations for my little girl. She loved that there is a dog driving and not a boy. They are absolutely adorable. I got many compliments and inquiries from other parents.” ~ Coopcamp, Texas

Other Truck Party Invitations

Truck party invitationsIf you are looking for trucks and cars in general, please visit this truck party invitations page with 7 more excellent designs to choose from, including digger (as shown on the left), bus, cars, tractors and even license plates!


Do You Have Suggestions For Fire Truck Party Supplies?


Fire truck birthday party suppliesI recommend that you check out this set of fire truck party supplies from Birthday Express.

There are matching party decorations e.g. balloons and danglers, utensils, cutlery, and party favors such as fire chief badges and fire fighter themed loot bags.

“I was very pleased to get all my party supplies (loot firetruck boxes, things to go in them, decorations, plates) all at once. My son has no idea about the items for his 3rd birthday. Yesterday he told me that he wants cups and plates with firetrucks on them for his birthday- he will be thrilled that I actually found them.” ~ TorontoMomofPreschooler

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