Fire Truck Party Invitation Wording: 4 Unique Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On May 3, 2014
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fire truck party invite wording

Little boys and girls love fire trucks, but then this is a rather unique theme for birthday parties. If you want to throw a one-of-a-kind celebration for your little one, then fire truck parties is an excellent idea.

Here are a few party invitation wordings to get your started.

Fire Truck Party Invitation Wording Samples

Let’s start off with a short and sweet one that is good for invitation cards with little space for words:

Sound the alarm and
Get fired up
As Caleb is turning 4

January 3, 1-4pm
Lunch & Cake

The Thompson Residence
456 Belcher Street

RSVP to Caleb’s mommy (Joyce)
by Dec 15 at 456.789.1234

For a longer and more creative version, you can create your own based on the following:

Sound the alarm!
Slide down the pole!
Grab your gear!
We’re ready to role!

Please join us to celebrate
Caleb’s 5th Birthday

January 3, 2-4pm
The Thompson Fire Station
456 Belcher Street

RSVP to station master Joyce at 456.789.1234
by December 15

Here is another lively suggestion for your aspiring fire fighter:

Grab your helmet, a hose and your protective gear
It’s a Fire Truck Party
in honor of
Caleb’s third year!

January 3, 2-4pm
The Waterfront Clubhouse
456 Belcher Street

Regrets only to Joyce at 456.789.1234

Lastly, this is one version with a more “personal” touch:

Fireman Caleb is calling on you
to be a brand new fire rescue!
Put on your heads, prepare your gear
Come help us celebrate his 2nd year

Follow the smoke to Fire Station #4
456 Belcher Street
January 3, 2-4pm

Please let us know if you can make it
Mommy Joyce: 789-0123

Need More Inspiration?

If you are looking for or designing your own fire engine party invitation cards, then I’d like to show you these personalized fire truck party invitations that are among my personal favorites.

But I am Just TIRED Of Coming Up with Clever Wordings Every Year! Is There a Template?

I hear you… with a few kids I used to do it several times a year. But I have now switched to templates — yes they are available, but better yet you can customize with your party details so it still LOOKS personal.

It saves so much time, and really, not that expensive!

fire truck party invitation wording