Eggnog Party Invitations: 3 Festive Ideas for Christmas Celebration!

Fancy a traditional yet unique party? Let’s have an eggnog party for your family and friends! Here are 3 special holiday invitations for this theme, and they are colorful, fun and guaranteed to impress your guests.

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Fun Eggnog Party Invitations

1. Nog and Nibbles

eggnog party invitations

Stir up some fun with this warm and sweet eggnog party invitations for a cozy gathering at your place.

2. Got Nog

eggnog party invitations

This vibrantly printed invitation welcoming your guests for your delightful drink will surely impress everyone! The retro-style color theme with a subtle snowflake pattern in the festive background is truly special and classic with an interesting twist.

3. Holly Haul

egg nog party invitations

A more subtle eggnog party invitation, this is another delightful card with a cute font and holly in truly festive style.

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