Easter Egg Hunt Party Invitation Wording: 6 Eggciting Samples and Ideas!

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Stephanie Saurus

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On March 21, 2014
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easter egg hunt party invite wording

Easter is  one event that many look forward to because of what it symbolizes, and because of the fun it brings.

No Easter celebration can be complete without a good old egg hunt. Both children and adults alike are sure to have fun scavenging for brightly colored and decorated eggs! Get guests ready for the party by sending out themed invitations  with matching wordings like the ones below.

Easter Egg Hunt Party Invitation Wording Samples

Any invitation is always better with a little rhyme in it.

Easter is on the Way!
Join us for an egg hunt day
Where we’ll  have fun and play!

Come to 1906 Virginia Street
On April 08, Sunday
Fun starts 10:00 in the morning

RSVP Sally 773-641-7091

Let everyone coming to the party know about a special guest-the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny’s coming to hide
Eggs and more in our backyard!

Help us find these special treats
Will provide you with drinks and eats
On Sunday, April 08
At 1906 Virginia Street
10:00 AM

Regrets only to Sally 773-641-7091

Try this Easter egg hunt party invitation wording for an annual hunting party.

April 8th is a Special Day!
We’re having our
Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Won’t you come over and play?

Hop on over to  1906 Virginia Street
On Easter Sunday
At 10 0’clock in the morning

Save a seat with Sally 773-641-7091

Use a play of words to add a lot of fun to this Easter egg hunt party invitation wording.

Join us for an Egg-citing
Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic!

Make your way to 1906 Virginia Street
On Sunday, April 8th
At 10:00 AM

Regrets to Sally 773-641-7091

Using words associated with Easter adds to the creativity.

Hop on over for an egg hunt this Easter!
Food and Fun will be provided

Celebration will be at 1906 Virginia Street
On April 8, Sunday
From 10 AM to 5 PM

Let Sally know if you can come! 773-641-7091

Here’s something simple and catchy that will surely lure guests in.

Egg Hunt!

The Easter bunny’s left his eggs
See how many you can find
As we celebrate this special day!

Hippty hop and make your way
To 1906 Virginia Street
On Sunday, April 8
At 10:oo in the morning

RSVP Sally 773-641-7091

Easter egg hunt party invitation wordingNot egg-actly what you need? That’s alright, when it comes to Easter egg hunt party invitations, there are a lot of other choices.

Check out these invitation templates — It saves so much time, and really, not that expensive!

easter egg hunt party invitation template