Dora Party Invitation Wording Samples: 5 Unique Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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dora party invite wording

Are you planning a Dora The Explorer birthday party but have no clue on how to word the invite? Then the following suggestions on Dora party invitation wordings will be useful to get you started.

Dora Party Invitation Wording Samples

For a typical Dora The Explorer party invitation, Dora (and her animal friends) should be the main feature of the card. In other words, a simple wording with all the relevant information is likely sufficient. You can work from the short and sweet version below:

Dora invites you to
Megan’s 3rd birthday bash

January 22, Saturday, 1-3pm
Lunch & Cake
Megan’s home
567 Garden Lane

RSVP to Stephanie at 567.890.1234 by January 5

To ride on Dora being a Latin American girl and the “Fiesta Trio” that appears in Dora The Explorer episodes, we can include the party invite with “Fiesta” (Spanish word, meaning party and feast), such as:

It’s a fiesta!

Let’s celebrate as
Megan turns five!

January 22, Saturday, 2-4 pm
Megan’s home
567 Garden Lane

RSVP to Stephanie at 567.890.1234 by January 5

If you get a great image of Dora playing tea party with her animal friends, then let me give you this dora party invitation wording suggestion:

Tea for you and tea for me
Won’t you please come for tea?

Megan’s 4th Birthday Tea Party with Dora

Nov 24 (Saturday) 3-5pm
Polka Cafe
123 Park Drive

Please respond to Stephanie at (123) 456-7890 by Nov 15

Finally, don’t forget that Dora is an Explorer! So you can create your party invitation (as well as the party theme) along an adventure theme:

Calling All Explorers
You are invited to join
Megan’s 6th Birthday Expedition
We’ll be digging for treasures and having a great adventure!

Megan’s Place
123 Park Drive
Nov 24 (Saturday) 2-4pm
123 Park Drive

RSVP to adventure base camp at 234.567.8901 by Nov 15

Need More Inspiration?

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dora party invitation wording