5 DIY SpongeBob Party Invitation Ideas

Your little one longs for a SpongeBob party. So let’s make the wish come true in the upcoming birthday celebration!

If you would like to be original, here are some DIY suggestions to get you start off with a fabulous SpongeBob party invitation.

SpongeBob Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Let’s start with a classic version that I need wordings for a fun SpongeBob party:

Who lives in a
Pineapple Under the Sea?
Ben wants you to celebrate
The 3rd birthday with me!

Saturday, May 28
Ben’s House
678 Carter Drive
Cast off at 5pm
RSVP to Sarah at
456.789.0234 by May 13

This one would be a cool wording for your party invite if you are planning to transfer your party room into an undersea paradise!

Ready To Expore The Bikini Bottom?
Come Join Us To Celebrate
Bernice’s 8th Birthday with SpongeBob!

May 28 (Saturday)
Boston Recreation Club – Marina Room
678 Carter Drive

Dive in time: 2pm
Resurface time: 5pm

Regrets only to Sarah
at 456.789.0234

And here is one that is inspired by a SpongeBob poem:

The one who is yellow and is filled with holes,
Will win the people’s hearts and souls.

Calling all Big and Lil Fans Of SpongeBob
Let’s have a Blast to celebrate
Ben’s 6th Birthday!

Saturday, May 28
12:30 – 3pm
Let’s meet at the Bikini Blue
678 Carter Drive

RSVP to Ben’s mom and dad at
456.789.0234 by May 13

Two “3-D” Sponge Bob Party Invite Ideas

1. Create Your Own Simple Pop-Up SpongeBob Card

This is a fun artsy activity that you can enjoy with your little one!

  1. First, get some yellow sponges from the supermarket and cut each into halves, and stick each piece on a blue cardstock.
  2. Download a funny SpongeBob image and color-print the image (no. of prints = no. of sponge pieces). Make sure the image is smaller than the sponge pieces.
  3. Glue the printed on the sponge to make a 3-D sponge bob!
  4. Finally, you can decorate the rest of the card with seashell stickers or draw bubbles around using white and light blue crayons.

2. Invite In A Bubble

You can consider this creative way to invite your friends if it is convenient for you to hand-deliver the invitations.

  1. Get a set of small plastic bottles and clean them thoroughly.
  2. Measure the height of the button and determine the size of paper if you are roll up a piece and put it in.
  3. Create your own Sponge Bob party invite with all the party information and print on a piece of normal white paper. You can decide how many pieces of invites to be printed on each letter-sized paper depending on Step #2 above.
  4. Put in some tiny seashells or fish crackers for final touches.
  5. Hand deliver to your dear family and friends!

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Need More Inspiration?

Sponge Bob party invitationsIf you are looking for other SpongeBob themed cards for inspiration or for purchase, then I’d like to show you these personalized SpongeBob party invitations that are among my personal favorites.

Enjoy your party planning the “Krappiest” party ever!