Disney Christmas Coloring Pages: 17 Fabulous Sheets for Free Download

Merry Christmas From The Disney Gang! I hope you like my collection of Disney Christmas coloring pages for your children. Whether it’s for a party or some arty time during the holidays, I am sure the little ones will enjoy coloring sheets with a festive touch!

Disney Christmas Coloring Pages

In this collection, I’ve got Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto as well as the adorable Winnie the Pooh and friends for you. While this is not a complete set of Disney characters, I hope you will find most of the popular ones conveniently in one place. Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse colouring sheets Mickey Mouse Christmas coloring sheets
 Mickey Mouse Christmas coloring sheets  Mickey Christmas colouring

Minnie Mouse

 Mickey and Minnie Mouse christmas coloring pages Mickey and Minnie Mouse christmas coloring pages
 Minnie Mouse Christmas coloring pages  Minnie Mouse Christmas coloring

 Donald Duck

 Donald Duck Christmas coloring pages Donald Duck Christmas coloring pages
 Donald Duck Christmas colouring sheets

Other Disney Christmas Coloring Pages

 Disney Christmas coloring pages Christmas Disney coloring ideas

 Winnie The Pooh Coloring Sheets

Winnie the Pooh Christmas coloring pages  Winnie the Pooh Christmas coloring sheets
 Winnie the Pooh Christmas colouring sheets  Tigger Christmas colouring sheets

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Check Out Other Christmas Coloring Ideas!

Here are more coloring sheets with the same festive theme. For general party ideas for Christmas, be sure to visit and like our facebook page or our pins on pinterest.

Dora The Explorer Christmas coloring pages Christmas Alphabet A for Angel Disney Halloween coloring pages
 Festive Dora  Christmas Alphabet  Disney Halloween