Dinosaur Party Invitation Wording Samples: 6 Exciting Suggestions

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dinosaur party invite wording

Dinosaur parties are fun! Whether you are planning to dress your little one into the cutest dinosaur, or that you are throwing an exciting dinosaur hunt party, here are 6 suggestions to get you started with your DIY dinosaur party invitation wording.

6 Dinosaur Party Invitation Wording Samples

Let’s start with a short and sweet version for a party invite that’s good for boys and girls of all ages:

For a Roaring Good Time,
Please join the fun at
Max’s 3th Birthday Party

Saturday, November 17, 1-3pm
345 Cottoncove Drive
Lunch & Cake

Regrets only to Stephanie at 234.567.8901

For a more exciting party invitation for the active little guys, here is one that will make them beam and laugh:

Come For a Dino-Mite Party
for our Little Max is turning 3
Saturday, November 17, 2-4pm
345 Cottoncove Drive

RSVP to Steph (Max’s mom) at 234.567.8901 by Oct 1

For those reaching their Terrible Two soon, here is a humorous version that will delight the family and friends. Make sure you dress up your little birthday guy with a dinosaur costume!

Beware – Maxsaurus is turning 2!

Come join the Birthday Bash on

Nov 17 (Saturday) 1pm onwards
Jungletree Restaurant
345 Cottoncove Drive
RSVP to Steph (Max’s mom) at 234.567.8901 by Oct 1

For babies and toddler, you can stick paper footprints and track marks on the party room floor so the little ones will enjoy touching and crawling all over them! With that you might want to match the theme with these dinosaur party invitation wording:

Make Tracks to Max’s Dinosaur Party!
Saturday Nov 17
From noon to naptime
The Thompson Residence
345 Cottoncove Drive

RSVP to Steph and John at 234.567.8901 by Oct 1

For older kids, a dinosaur hunt theme will be awesome and truly memorable. May I suggest this dinosaur party invitation wording:

Calling Dinosaur hunters and explorers
You are invited to join
Max’s 6th Birthday expedition
We’ll be digging for dinosaur bones and having a great adventure!

Max’s prehistoric backyard
Saturday, November 17, 2-4pm
345 Cottoncove Drive

RSVP to adventure base camp at 234.567.8901 by Oct 1

Lastly, a similar but equally fun dinosaur party invitation wording suggestion for you:

Max Jefferson
Invites fellow paleontologists for

The 5th Birthday Dinosaur Dig Party

Date: November 17 (Saturday)
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Orchid Clubhouse
345 Cottoncove Drive

You’ll be sure to uncover a dino-mite time of food, fun, games…and dinosaurs.

Don’t be extinct!
Please RSVP to his prehistoric parents at 234.567.8901 by Oct 1

Other Dinosaur Invitation Wordings Suggestions

If you are thinking about dress codes, here is one suggestion for you:

Please wear your favorite safari or adventure outfit. We will provide the rest.

Need More Inspiration?

dinosaur party invitation wordingIf you are looking for other dinosaur party invites for inspiration or for purchase, then I’d like to show you these personalized dinosaur party invitations that are among my personal favorites. They are truly fun and exciting!

Maybe you can even use these templates instead of frying your braincell to word your own invite? It’s really not that expensive :)

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