Christmas Cocktail Party Invitation Wording: 6 Cheerful Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On March 5, 2014
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xmas cocktail party invite wording

There’s no better occasion to get together and have a few drinks than during the Christmas season.

The holiday spirit only makes a party much more exciting. Of course, an event during the holidays always deserves to be announced with a proper invitation. Use some creative wording to get guests together.

Christmas Cocktail Party Invitation Wording Samples

Kick off your party with a fun rhyme in your Christmas cocktail party invitation wording.

Come over to mix and mingle
While we sing some holiday jingles
And drink Christmas cocktails

Wednesday, December 20
33 Dola Mine Road
8 o’clock in the evening

RSVP Keira 919-336-8147

A cozy and inviting way to invite guests.

Celebrate the warmth of
The Christmas Season with us
Over dinner and cocktails

On Wednesday, December 20
At 33 Dola Mine Road
8 o’clock PM

Save a seat with Keira 919-336-8147

A simple Christmas cocktail party invitation wording with rhyme that will surely get guests excited.

It’s that time of the year
To gather good friends and
Spread some holiday cheer!

Join us for some Christmas cocktails
On December 20th, Wednesday
At the Schofield Residence, 33 Dola Mine Road
8 PM

Regrets only to Keira 919-336-8147

Here is something that includes what the season should be about.

The holidays are for reflection,
As well as a time for celebration.
Swing over for a ball,
We’re inviting one and all.

Schofield Residence, 33 Dola Mine Road
December 20, Wednesday
8 in the evening

Let us know if you’re coming (919-336-8147)

A catchy way to put your Christmas cocktail party invitation wording.

Let’s raise a glass
To spread holiday cheer
Before the end of the year
At the Schofield bash

December 20, Wednesday
33 Dola Mine Road
8 o’clock PM

Regrets to Keira 919-336-8147

A simple yet fun way to invite guests over.

‘Tis the season for Christmas cocktails!
Join us for a holiday celebration
Naughty or Nice, everyone is welcome

When: December 20, Wednesday
Where: 33 Dola Mine Road
Time: 8:00 PM

RSVP Keira 919-336-8147

Christmas cocktail party invitation wordingLooking for something else? Christmas cocktail invitations come with a lot of options. Just a bit of patience and many other ideas are sure to come along for this kind of party.