10 Coolest Buzz LightYear Coloring Pages

Toy Story 3 is a big hit! Do you want to join the fun with these Buzz Lightyear coloring pages?

Feel free to download any of these free coloring sheets for your arty activity or birthday party.

Buzz Lightyear: An Introduction

Buzz Lightyear is one of the main characters in the Toy Story, one of the most popular animation film series from Disney. Buzz is a Space Ranger with an often repeated catchphrase is “To infinity … and beyond!”. Because of his popularity among children, Buzz is one of the main attractions in Disney Parks.

How To Download The Coloring Sheets

  1. Double click to open the file in its original size
  2. Right click the mouse, choose “save image as” and save the file to your computer desktop
Buzz Lightyear coloring pages Buzz Lightyear coloring pages
 Buzz Lightyear coloring sheets  Buzz Lightyear coloring sheets
 Buzz Lightyear colouring sheets  Buzz Lightyear colouring sheets

Did You Know…

Buzz Lightyear’s suit chest features a control panel? The large red button on the left activates the suit’s flight system. When activated, the wings on the suit’s backpack unfolds and the boosters at the bottom of the pack will ignite, allowing Buzz to fly (or so he thought).

The sides of the wings carry lights that blink red and green, indicating port and starboard sides, in order to prevent any in-air collisions.

Buzz lightyear toy story coloring Buzz lightyear toy story coloring
 toy story coloring page  toy story coloring page

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