Bumblebee Baby Shower Invitation Wording: 4 Buzzing Ideas

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On May 23, 2014
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Bee baby shower wordings

What can be more exhilarating for a baby shower party than a colorful and jolly bumblebee themed party. Known to humans as a pretty hard-working insect, this amazing creature doesn’t know the word “surrender”  and will fight an intruder to death by way of its painful sting.

Currently, many  kiddie parties as well as baby shower events gain inspiration from bumble bees and make it as the theme of these affairs. Below are some of the bumble bee baby shower invitation wording suggestions you can use to entice your guests to attend your event.

Bumblebee Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples

The suggestion below is a clever and catchy approach for a bumblebee baby shower invitation:

Come and join us friends and members of the family
With this celebration of our soon-to-be baby
Lots of surprises that can sting you like a bumblebee
But in the end, it will be sweet like honey

Sunday, August 27th
2:00 in the afternoon
The St. Constance Home
2453 Magnolia Road

Hosted by Tyler St. Constance
RSVP to 615.890.4567 by August 12th

This bumblebee baby shower invitation informs the invited guests how important it is for the couple to join them in welcoming their new family member:

You are all requested to join in our bumblebee celebration
As we are about to welcome in our humble hive
A baby shower party which is a preparation
Of a new family member, soon who will be born alive

Come celebrate with us on December 8, Saturday
At The Union Cafe
SS Saratoga Road, Saratoga, New York
11 AM

RSVP by November 20th by Lindsay Madden 121 245 2313

Another interesting bumblebee baby shower invitation which aims to ask for support from guests to attend this momentous affair:

Support us in welcoming our new honey
By attending in our bumblebee-themed festivity
All of the closest friends and members of the family
Are gathered altogether for this memorable jubilee

When: July 17, Sunday
Where: The Bistro Cafe, 1954 Bellevue Road
Time: 2 PM

RSVP by July 5th to Mary at 541-2525

This bumblebee shower  party invitation wholeheartedly expresses the undying love of the parents to their baby in the womb:

Don’t forget to remember our special party
An event specially dedicated for our precious baby
An experience which we now foresee
That will sting in our hearts like a mark of a bumblebee

April 19th, Sunday 6 PM
At The Willard Residence, 1609 Grand Avenue
Winter Park, Florida

RSVP to Mallory at 505.612.3367

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bumblebee baby shower invitation wording