300+ Boys Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

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300+ Boys Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

Looking for boys’ birthday party invitations that are cute, cool, modern, funny, or even bold and outrageous? With 300+ designs in the following collection, I am sure you will find a perfect invitation card that will wow your guests.

Please note that the wordings for these cards can be personalized by yourself online, for free. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to use and a graphic designer will double check your work. For details, please click on the images or links.

Custom Boys Birthday Party Invitations

Boys Birthday Party InvitationsSports

We have a great collection of popular party invitation for all the sports fans! Whether it’s bowling, baseball, football, basketball, kids gym, soccer, roller skating, mini-golf or multi-sports... your little athlete will be excited.

Boys Birthday Party InvitationsRacing On The Land

Vroom! Boys settle on anything with wheels, so parties with this theme will guarantee success. Check out these zooming train, truck, race car, other cars and fire engine party invites.

construction party inviteAmazing Engine

Boys can’t get enough of the mechanics, so we have a collection of engines solely for them. Take a look at these robots, construction trucks and boat party invitations.

Star Wars party invitationsZooming In The Sky

Airplanes and rockets are many boys’ favorite.

How about a space, alien or even Star Wars party theme? That will truly be out of this world.

pirate party inviteSuperhero and Adventure

Let your little boy’s dream come true by throwing a party featuring pirates and cowboys and superheros. For a fairy tale theme, there are dragons, knights and castle party invites to choose from.

Party Invitations From Favorite Characters

Sponge Bob party invitations

Buddies At Nick Jr

Kids love Nick Jr show don’t they? No matter whether you are look for party themes on Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, Sponge Bob, Blues Clues and Go Diego Go… we have them all here.

Animal Party Invitations

dinosaur party invitationsJungle And Zoo Animals

Let’s have some excitement and adventure with a fun jungle theme! giraffe is the most popular here, and we also have elephants, lionsmonkeys, panda and owls. We even have some of the pre-historic animals – yes, the dinosaur!

Reptile party invitationsCritters In The Field

For spring and backyard garden parties for boys, you can consider these party invites with these reptiles! For co-ed parties the ladybugs and butterflies are popular choices.

Turtle Party InvitationsAdorable Sea Animals

Forcelebrations at the  aquarium or anywhere with an “Under The Sea” theme, try these! We have plenty of refreshing ideas along the themes of fish, turtle, penguin and the whale.

Teddy bear party invitationsPets and Toys

For little ones who prefer the cuddly, then you might be interested in these puppy, cat and arty invitations. For a sweet toy themed party you can check out the teddy bear or this general toy party invitations for further ideas.

Food, Games & Other Fun Party Invitations

park party invitationsOutdoor Fun

Let’s get some fresh air with celebrations in local farm and parks, and how about a picnic theme? Circus and carnival party themes are popular as well. For the adventurous, let’s try a camping party!

Cupcake birthday invitationsParty Food

For a guaranteed success you can pick a design that features the most delicious party foods! Cupcakes, desserts and pizza are popular party delights. For summer you can consider a BBQ or an ice cream party.

Magic party invitationsGames

For birthday parties featuring cool games such as magic and monster dressups… for other kids how about an evening movie or even a slumber party?

Party Invitations For Bigger Boys

video game birthday invitationsBowling, rock music, video game and disco are some of the party themes we have for the bigger kid. Please feel free to browse around for more ideas.

Need More Party Invitation Ideas?

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