Blues Clues Party Invitation Wording: 5 Adorable Ideas

Planning for a one-of-a-kind Blues Clues party for your little one? You can start off with a thoughtful and original Blues Clues party invitation wording that your guests will certainly appreciate. Here are 5 suggestions to help you brainstorm your own ideas.

Blues Clues Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Typically, for a Blues Clues party invite the focus is on the character (i.e. Blues Clues!) himself. If you get a nice big image of the little dog and fill in the rest of the space (which is probably quite limited) with some simple wordings. Here is a sample:

Blues Clues invites you to
Christina’s 1st birthday bash!

March 30 (Saturday) 2-4pm
The Hopkins Residence
234 Flintstone Drive

RSVP to Sarah at 234.567.8912 by March 15.

For a truly original Blues Clues invitations, you can design a card based on paw prints (2 shades of blue color paper will do) and write the following words:

Here is a clue …
Come and play Blues Clues at my Birthday Party!

Flip over to find the second and third clue
For the time and place.

(Don’t forget to put in the RSVP information as well)

If you are into some creative writing that’s distinctively Blues’ Clues, then something like the following would be a great start:

Here’s a clue just for you…
Balloons, cake and confetti too…
It’s a Party, Can you guess for who?

Yes, it’s Chris’ 4th Birthday
Come join the fun!

Saturday, March 30
Chris’ House
234 Flintstone Drive

Regrets to Sarah at 234.567.8912

Here is a shorter version that I like:

Christina Hopkins
That’s Who!

Join us in celebrating
Christina’s 3rd Birthday

Saturday, March 30
3-5 pm
Waterfall Park (Playground area)
234 Flintstone Drive

Please come with your orange Joe’s Clothes!

RSVP to Sarah at 234.567.8912 by March 15.

And you can obviously play around with the words with the dog theme. Classic words include “pawsome” and “pawty”:

Join us for a…
PAWSOME Birthday Party
As Christina is turning 2!

Saturday Mar 30, 1-5pm
Mimi Clubhouse
234 Flintstone Drive

Lunch & Cake will be served

RSVP to Sarah by Mar 15
at 234.567.8912

Need More Inspiration?

If you are looking for other Blues’ Clues themed cards for inspiration or for purchase, then I’d like to show you these personalized Blues Clues party invitations that are among my personal favorites.

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Happy Birthday to your little one and enjoy the party planning!