Bird Nest Baby Shower Invitations: 12 Delicate Ideas

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Bird Nest Baby Showers

Building a nest for the little one is such a sweet analogy for the arrival of the precious baby!

Here are 12 nest themed baby shower invitations that you can use for both invites and as an inspiration for the upcoming celebration.

Please note that these invites can be easily personalized online and for free. For details please feel free to click on the images or the links.

Personalized Bird Nest Baby Shower Invitations

1. Bare Nest: Gender Neutral

bird nest baby shower invitations

These sweet little birds are ready to feather their nest in style! Give your friends a taste of your charming modern style with this fun bird nest baby shower invitation.

I chose this design b/c my sister wants the gender of her child to be a surprise…and she had a co-ed shower. So it was perfect b/c it was neutral but still kept the flavour of a baby shower. I had the theme colors be blue, pink, green, orange…primary colors…spring theme…egg nest deserts and jelly beans…it was perfect. Everyone loved it.” ~ Hisa, California

2. Bare Nest: Girls

bird nest baby shower invitations

This is the same nest baby shower invitation with a more feminine color theme, with the pink color of the egg suggesting the gender of the baby.

The theme for our baby shower is “little birds” so this was a perfect invitation. The card stock is impressive, the colors are true to the image and the customer services was EXCELLENT as usual. Thank you!” ~ JessinAustin, Texas

3. Bare Nest: Boys

bird nest baby shower invitations

Same bird nest baby shower invite with a blue egg. Similarly chic and modern. Perfect for couple’s showers!

These are very nice. I was extremely satisified. Will definitely order from again. Good quality. Good communication.” ~ Kobimeister, Pennsylvania

4. Modern Nest: Gender Neutral

nest baby shower invitations

Here is a beautiful bird nest baby shower invite with vibrantly printed yellow and green in different shades. If you like a colorful card this is a pretty good choice. Perfect for Fall Babies too!

5. Modern Nest: Girls

bird nest baby shower invitation

For celebrating the arrival of baby girl here is a lovely choice for the upcoming bird nest themed baby shower.

The invitation is adorable. I love the bright pink and yellow combination! Several people have remarked how cute they are!” ~ NativeFloridian, Florida

6. Modern Nest: Boys

bird nest baby shower invitations

And this is the same baby shower invitation with the blue color theme.

7. Growing Nest: Gender Neutral

bird nest baby shower invitation

These sweet little birds are ready to help you show off your unique sense of style in a fun and charming way on these adorable nest baby shower invitations.

8. Growing Nest: Girls

bird nest baby shower invitations

Same baby shower invitation design with a combination of vintage and cuteness. Great for those who expect baby girl.

9. Growing Nest: Boys

nest baby shower invitations

Here is the baby shower invite for those who don’t want the traditional pink color for the moms-to-be, or those who is expecting a baby boy.

Easy to personalize. quick delivery. great product” ~ JoJo74, Illinois

10. Nestled Egg: Boys

bird nest baby shower invitation

Show loved ones that your nest is ready for a new bundle of joy with these delicate bird nest baby shower invitations.

I desperately looked for an affordable invite, that went with my ‘Birds & the Bee’s” shower theme, and wouldn’t require me to have to fill them out by hand and could preferably get sent out without having be sent to me first and this was perfect! I loved how simple and cute the invite was & that I could add text.” ~ Mamastone, Michigan

11. Nestled Egg: Girls

bird nest baby shower invitations

The graceful and lovely bird egg party invite with a pink color theme. The color of the egg would imply the gender of the baby so this is great choice for the family is expecting a baby girl.

12. Twin’s Nest

twins baby shower invitations

Finally, this is a popular and charming baby shower invitation that is good for twins.

This is a serene invitation that reflects the quiet elegance of the mother-to-be.” ~ CiociaP, Pennsylvania

Looking For Some Bird Themed Baby Shower Party Supplies?

girl bird nest baby shower party supplies

If you are looking for some sweet decorations and party supplies including matching plates, cups, napkins and table covers, then check out this adorable party supplies for Bird baby shower for girls.

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