16 Cheerful Big Bird Coloring Pages

Big Bird coloring pages are great activities to keep your children busy on the dining table, and a hassle-free activity that you can arrange for any Sesame Street parties.

Fun Facts on Sesame Street and Big Bird

Something that you can share with the kids before the coloring session!

Sesame Street is a Children TV series in America. Premiered in 1969, this muppet show is the pioneer of the contemporary educational television standard, combining both education and entertainment.

Big Bird is such as character isn’t it — and it is nice to see Big Bird helping out here and there. Such a good role model! Big Bird is dearly loved by many children so make sure you print out some of the following for your Sesame Street birthday party.

How To Download These Files

  1. Double click on each image and open it in its original size
  2. Right click the mouse and choose “save image as” to download the file to your computer
 Big Bird coloring pages  Big Bird coloring pages
 Big Bird coloring sheets  Big Bird coloring sheets
 Big Bird colouring sheets  Big Bird colouring pages
 Big Bird colouring sheets  Big Bird colouring sheets

Big Bird And Friends Coloring Sheets

Big Bird has lots of friends for sure. One of his favorite buddies is Cookie Monster, but he also hangs out with Elmo and other muppet friends in Sesame Street.

sesame street coloring pages sesame street coloring pages
 sesame street image  sesame street image

Celebrate The Holidays With Big Bird!

Let’s celebrate Halloween and Christmas with these very special Big Bird coloring sheets — I am sure the children would love to have some arty activities during the festive season!

Big Bird Christmas Clipart Sesame Street Christmas Clipart
 Big Bird Halloween clipart  Sesame Street Halloween clipart

Check Out This Colorful Sesame Street Party Pack!

Sesame Street party supplies pack

I have written a page to showcase my favorite item in this party collection. Please click here if you are planning to host a party soon!

Other Popular Coloring Pages

We have more coloring sheets for you from the Sesame Street family:

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