Bat Halloween Party Invitations: 5 Mysterious Ideas!

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On October 1, 2013
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bat halloween party invitations

Thinking of a mysterious and special party before the trick or treat? Here are some great suggestion for your Halloween party.

Custom Bat Halloween Party Invitations

1. Fright Night

bat halloween party invitations

Don’t be afraid of the flying bats on this frighteningly funny bat Halloween party Invitations.

4. Batty Window

Bat halloween party invite

Moonlight madness will hit all your friends when they receive this batty Halloween party invitation.

2. Vintage Bats

bat halloween party invitations

With wings wide open, a family of bats flies onto this stylish Halloween party invitation. Embellished with a vintage border, this card shows your loved ones that you are truly a frightful fashionista!

[I] got these for my daughter’s birthday boo bash…everyone loved them and thought they had a great “old” feeling to them.” ~ Wichmamc, California

5. Hanging Bats

Bat halloween party invite

Grab the garlic and sharpen a stake, the presence of a vampire is creeping through the air. Flying high above the sky, a trio of bats will stick their fangs into this classic Halloween party imitation.

I placed my order two weeks before the date of my party knowing, based on the timeframe given on the website, that I would only get them a few days before my party. To my pleasant surprise my invitations were at my house THREE DAYS after I had placed the order!!! I couldn’t have been happier!” ~ Jstamper

3. Mysterious Bats

bat halloween party invitations

Finally, a Halloween party invite featuring the mysterious bats flying to greet the Dracula in the night…

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Halloween Cards For Kids

There are 90+ Halloween cards for kids available with themes from bats to little monsters to silly costumes.

These cards are small (measured 3.5 x 2.5 inches, just slightly bigger than the iPhone) but they are perfect for kids to write the names of their buddies as well as their own.


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