15 Absolutely Funny Baby Shower Invitations

funny baby shower invitations

If you want to make fun of the fact that the parents-to-be have no idea what they are getting into, these funny baby shower invitations are perfect for this purpose! Great for any honoree who can take jokes and want a fabulous time. Please note that the wordings on these cards can be easily personalized… [read more]

Sheep Baby Shower Invitations: 3 Wolly Ideas!

sheep baby shower invitations

For a sweet and gentle mom-to-be, no theme is more suitable than the wooly sheep. Please take a look at the following collection featuring a design with 3 different color themes. Please note that all these baby shower invitations can be personalized with your own words and you can easily do this online for free.… [read more]

Duck Baby Shower Invitations: 8 Sweet Ideas

duck baby shower invitations

Little duckies have always been a favorite for baby showers. It is also a theme that’s easy to get decorations and party favors! If you need any baby shower invitations or an inspiration to design a duck-themed baby shower, please take a look at these adorable designs for baby boys and girls. Each of these… [read more]

Deer Baby Shower Invitations: 9 Elegant Ideas

The gentle deer is such a great and unique theme for baby showers, especially for a special elegant mom-to-be. Take a look at the wonderful collection below and feel free to click the images or links for personalization. Personalized Deer Baby Shower Invitations 1. Forest Party Look at this colorful and cheerful deer baby shower… [read more]

Kangaroo Baby Shower Invitations: 2 Bouncy Ideas

kangaroo baby shower invitations

Are you looking for a unique theme for a lively and bouncy mommy-to-be? Or is the family from Australia is known to love the adorable Kangaroo? Here are two Kangaroo baby shower invitations featuring the mom and the baby. The wordings can be easily personalized online for free. Please click on the images or links… [read more]

Dog and Puppy Baby Shower Invitations: 3 Cuddly Ideas

puppy baby shower invitations

These Puppy Baby Shower Invitations are the most thoughtful selection for moms and dads-to- be who have a dog or puppy as part of the family. Please note that these cards can be fully personalized using the online platform for free. You can learn more about the easy steps by clicking the respective images or… [read more]

Train Baby Shower Invitations: 3 Terrific Ideas

train baby shower invitations

Toy trains are a classic theme for babies… especially for the boys, big and small. If your honoree is expecting a baby boy, or she would like to have a theme that will reflects the interest of the Big Brother-to-be (or even the daddy?), then this is a sweet and thoughtful way to include the… [read more]

Cupcake Baby Shower Invitations: 7 Delicious Ideas

cupcake baby shower invitations

Cupcakes are pretty and irresistible, so it is a perfect excuse to host a party to show the baby and eat cupcakes together! Here are a number of cupcake and general sweets and treats baby shower invitations for celebrating the arrival of boys and girls. The wordings on these cards can be easily personalized online,… [read more]