Baby Shower Invitations: 28 Refreshing Ideas!

Thanks for stopping by my collection of fun, classy and cute custom baby shower invitations. We specialize in baby shower invites, decorations and supplies, but are rapidly expanding to cover cards for birthday party celebrations.

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Special Themes

bring-a-book baby shower invitationsBring-a-book or book exchange baby shower is my favorite theme and I can’t wait to show you these 8 absolutely adorable book-themed shower invitations.

Great for honoree who is a book lover, or who would love to find out what their friend’s favorite childhood books are!

sonogram baby shower invitations for girlSonogram baby shower invites let you showcase the baby’s “first photo” in an elegant way.

If you are looking for invitation with a personal style and something that would be treasured as a keepsake, you have come to the right place.


coed baby shower invitations for boysCo-ed baby shower invites can be hard to find, especially those with a contemporary look.

Here is a collection of modern invitation cards specifically designed for a couple’s shower.


funny baby shower invitationsSmells trouble? If you think the parents-to-be don’t know what they are getting into… throw them a party with this hearty and funny baby shower invite.

Let’s welcome friends and family for a laugh and get together!


Tea & Treats

sip and see baby shower invitationSip & See baby shower parties is the perfect excuse for the current and future mums to sit back, relax and chit chat together.

If you are meeting your friends regularly anyway, it would be a leisurely baby shower that your friends will appreciate.


cupcake baby shower invitationsCupcake baby shower invitations are for parties and guests who love to eat!

There are specific cupcake themes, as well as general party food theme featuring a cake, sweets, teacups, drinks, gifts and other goodies.

tea party baby shower invitationsTea Party baby shower parties is an extension of the sip and see them with baby shower invites featuring dainty cups and dishes. If you are looking for charming and elegant invitations to match the personality of your honoree, please check out these beautiful cards.


Zoo & Sea Animals

twins baby shower invitationsHaving a monkey theme for the upcoming baby shower? Look no further and take a good look at these super cute Monkey baby shower invites.

If you are expecting a cheeky little one coming out from the bump, then this will be a funny and most appropriate choice for the upcoming celebration.

giraffe baby shower invitationsGiraffe is another popular theme for babies – many moms-to-be plan to decorate the baby room with a giraffe theme.

If this is the case, these baby shower invitations featuring this gentle and beautiful animal will be perfect!


zebra-baby-shower-invitations-2Zebra is a fun and striking theme that will make your baby shower party stand out from the crowd!

Our collection includes a brand new zebra teether design in a special circular shape and is proved to be one of the biggest hot sellers.


kangaroo baby shower invitationsKangaroos are interesting and fun baby shower invitation that your dear friend would love.

Perfect for energetic mom-to-be… and if she is complaining the baby in the bump keeps moving all the time!


whale-baby-shower-invitations-5Whales – they are so cute you just can’t help falling into with this adorable sea animal. If you fancy an ocean theme (if it is summer time or if you live near the seaside), this is a good choice.

The splashy theme is great for shower parties as well!

Pretty Bugs

bumble bee baby shower invitationsBumble Bees are fun and lively and special as a baby shower invite.

You can also get creative and give out honey-themed baby shower favors… from medicinal honey to honey lotions, you’ve got plenty of choices!


ladybug baby shower invitationsLadybug is such a lovely theme for babies – especially if the little one is going to arrive in spring or early summer!

These charming baby shower invitations can be customized with your very own wordings and as you can see from the testimonials.


butterfly baby shower invitationsButterflies are delicate and beautiful — just like your dear friend who is going to be the honoree at the baby shower. We have butterfly themes are different styles including interesting mosaic, sophisticated sketches and colorful prints that the one shown on the left.


Lovely Pets

sheep baby shower invitationsSheep is sweet and gentle — the perfect description of the mommy-to-be as well as what you all are expecting for the little baby!

Take a look at this card and get inspired to create your own sheep themed baby shower party.


dog baby shower invitationsPuppies are a wonderful theme for a family of dog lovers as well as the parents-to-be who already has a little dog at home.

These cards add a personalized touch without doing much work on your part!


bunny baby shower invitationsBunnies are adorable and cute — a perfect theme to celebrate the arrival of the little angel.

Many parents-to-be are inspired by one of these lovely cards and decorate the baby’s room accordingly, so check out these adorable designs now!

Wonderful Nature

forest-babyshower-invitations-10Woodland Animals theme is a refreshing one and is especially great for spring and autumn babies.

Many of the featured cards subtly reminds us of the fairy tales that we are so familiar with. The gentle animals such as bunnies, deers and turtles are so adorable as well.

bird nest baby shower invitationsBird Nest is certainly an uncommon baby shower theme but when you think about it — nests are so appropriate for shower parties!

It’s so much fun adding the little birds as part of the baby shower party decorations as well.


safari baby shower invitationsJungle baby shower theme is perfect if you find it hard to pick a particular animal, or that you need a theme that is relatively gender neutral.

It is a great opportunity to showcase all the lovely animals such as monkey, zebra, tigers, giraffe and little birds.

Precious Baby Essentials

Diaperpin baby shower invitations baby showers are popular — and what a practical idea to get more diaper cakes and accumulate the stock?

Having said that, a diaper party can be cool and chic, as shown by these colorful and striking baby shower invitations with a pins-and-diaper theme.

teddy bear baby shower invitations for boysTeddy Bear is a popular theme among baby showers, so it is important to find something unique to make your invitation truly special.

These Teddy bear baby shower invites are beautiful and can be customized with your own wordings.

train baby shower invitationsToy Trains are cute ones not just for the arrival of the little darling, but it can be a thoughtful gesture for the big brother (or the daddy) who loves trains too.

There are blue, pink and neutral gender colors for your consideration.


stork baby shower invitations for girlsStork is such a classic theme for the arrival of baby.

if you treasure this tradition of introducing the precious one you might want to take a look at these sweet stork baby shower invitations. I am sure you will find a design that will perfectly fit!


rubber ducky baby shower invitationsRubber Ducky — Is the mom-to-be ready for the little baby’s splashes in the bath tub?

I would also think it is an idea that can easily sparkle with a lot of interesting creation when it comes to decorating your baby shower party room.

peapod twin baby shower invitationPeapods are another sweet and lovely theme that is great for a gender neutral party and those who are expecting twins… or triplets!

These cute beans should be another adorable theme for baby showers and it is easier to decorate as well.


polka dots baby shower invitationPolka Dots are a very versatile theme that fit the hostess and guests of every personality. At the same time, polka dots are always stylish and fun, and if you choose the color right, it can have a wonderful effect for your upcoming shower party. Take a look at these cards for your inspiration.