Art Party Invitations: 8 Joyful and Crafty Ideas

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On April 28, 2014
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Art Party Invitations

Are you an artsy mom? Have you thought about using all the scrap paper and artsy materials to throw a unique and creative art-themed party for your little one?

Whether it’s a paint party or anything that deals with art, these party invitations will be useful either for your purchase or inspiration.

Please note that the wordings on these cards can be customized and you can click on the respective links to learn more about the steps. Enjoy!

Custom Art Party Invitations

1. Painter’s Studio

art party invitations

Give your little artists a blank canvas to play with on these cool, art party invitations.

“This invite was perfect for my daughter’s art-themed birthday party. I got a lot of compliments on the card and many thought I must have spent a lot on it. Little did they know, I didn’t. It was shipped very quickly and I was pleased.” ~ JenFitz1, North Carolina

2.Crayons Of Color

art birthday invitation

For little girls who love to use crayons, this is a perfect card for your art and craft themed celebration.

3. Paint Party

art themed party

Here is a brand new card cleverly incorporating the photo of the birthday child on a canvas inspired coloring setting.

4. Arty Party

art party invitations

Paint parties are great ideas for boys and girls alike — if this is what you are thinking of, this colorful paint birthday invite will be exactly what you need.

“It was easy to select this card for my daughter’s upcoming art/craft birthday party. The colors were vibrant and it fit the theme perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised when the order came as the cardstock for the invitations was nicely weighted & beautifully textured. I highly recommend this invitation!” ~ apatel, North Carolina

5. Splattered Easel

art party invitations

Covered in paint splotches and bright bursts of color, these art party invitations offer the perfect way to celebrate a special event in style!

6. Craft Supplies

Art and craft party invitation

Know a kid or teen who loves to craft? Give him or her a birthday celebration that’s perfect for such a creative passion with these stylish invite fora special crafty birthday party.

“I purchased this invitation for my daughter’s 8th birthday. It was a craft party. I used all pink text. Everyone thought it was adorable.” ~ Tracie5, California

7. Balloon Art

art themed party invitations

A few creative invitation word will make this a vibrant and exciting arts and crafts party invitation, especially for younger host and guests.

8. Tie Dye

Art themed party invitations

Mix a little bit of classic hippie style with unique, modern design on these creative teen birthday invitations. It’s the perfect example of what’s old becoming new again!

“This card was perfect for my daughter’s 13th B-day party!! The colors were very true to computer images. The paper was a very nice weight. Her friends just thought it was so cool !!” ~ Jules123, Illinois

How About These Chic Artsy Party Supplies?

hippie art party supplies

I highly recommend this arty party supplies featuring the chic tie dye patterns!

This is the basic party supply pack, and you can instead pick the deluxe version or the one that comes with favor boxes (with discounts!) For small parties you can purchase selectively from the large selection a la carte.

“Great quality and very fun. The girls love the bright colors. The price were great, I would definitely buy again!” ~ Ydinelys, Puerto Rico

Other Great Hobby Inspired Party Ideas

check out my facebook page for weekly party ideas, or visit one of these pages for themes based on the favorite hobbies.

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