Unicorn and Pony Party Invitations: 4 Sweet Ideas!

pony and horse party invitations

For the little ones who love horses and ponies, here is a sweet collection of pony party invitations for you to choose from. If you have a chance to arrange some pony rides for the children, it would be the perfect card! Please note that the wordings on these cards can be easily personalized online… [read more]

Whale Party Invitations: 4 Splashy Ideas!

Whale birthday invitations

The whale¬†party theme is perfect as summer splash parties! They are also great choices for a pool party or for kids learning about sea animals. Here is a collection of whale party invitations — I’ve only got 4 of them, but they are of premium quality and recommended by many past customers (as you can… [read more]

Fish Party Invitations: 5 Fabulous Birthday Ideas

Fish party invitations

Have you ever thought about a fish party? If your little one loves fish, or that the celebration is going to be held at an aquarium, then the fish party theme is an excellent choice. Please feel free to explore and try customizing any of these cards by clicking the respective links. Personalized Fish Party… [read more]

Jungle Party Invitations: 30 Cheerful Ideas

Diego party invitations

Jungle party invitations are fun and educational! If you are thinking about a celebration of this theme, then check out these jungle party invitations as well as links to the many jungle animals from this site. All the cards can be personalized with your very own wordings, and you can check out the ordering and… [read more]

Teddy Bear Party Invitations: 5 Cuddly Ideas!

Teddy bear party invitations

Teddy Bear party is an all-time favorite theme for baby and toddler parties. So in a way, it’s hard to find an invitation that is truly unique, one that is cute but not “cutesy”. Here is a collection of my personal favorite from Tiny Prints, a company that excels in carrying the stylish and classy… [read more]

Cat Party Invitations: 5 Cuddly Kitty Ideas!

Cat party invitations

Cats and Kitties are darlings! If you and your little one are feline friends, then you really should take a good look at these cat party invitations. The first two are brand new from Tiny Prints but are already one of the most popular. The “Big Cat” series below may be interesting for your as… [read more]

Lion & Tiger Party Invitations: 5 Roaring Ideas

Lion party invitations

ROAR! Kids love lions and the excitement of this cute yet powerful King of the animals. It’s a pretty unique idea to have a lion party theme as well. Below is my favorite lion and tiger party invitations together with links to other related party themes, such as dinosaur, circus and jungles. Enjoy! Personalized Tiger… [read more]

Puppy Party Invitations: 6 Cutest Ideas for Dogs & Dog Lovers

Dog birthday invitations

Does your child love dogs and puppies? Have you thought about a birthday party along the theme of this favorite pal? Then look no further and click on one of these puppy party invitations! Please feel free to customize the wordings — the final version submitted will be proof-read by a professional graphic designer. Personalized… [read more]

Butterfly Party Invitations: 10 Beautiful Ideas

Butterfly party invitations

Butterfly parties are a refreshing change from the Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses. If you and your children love the nature, and the weather is nice… isn’t it a great idea to introduce the kids to the beauty of nature with these pretty butterfly party invitations? Please note that all the wordings on the cards… [read more]

Ladybug Party Invitations: 5 Charming Ideas!

Ladybug party invitations

Thinking of a birthday¬†celebration with a ladybug party theme? Here are 5 charming choices of ladybug party invitations that will ooh and aah your guests! The wordings on all the invites below can be customized online and a graphic designer will go through the final draft to make sure everything comes out great. Please feel… [read more]