Airplane Party Invitation Wording: 5 Zooming Samples and Ideas

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Stephanie Saurus

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On February 1, 2014
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airplane party invite wording

Flying in the sky, motors and wings all add up to make an exciting party theme. Any little boy will surely appreciate having an airplane themed birthday. Make any party even more exciting by using themed invitations as well. These wording ideas are sure to add a special touch to any invitation.

Airplane Party Invitation Wording Samples

Short and simple airplane party invitation wording that will fit into any invitation size.

Fly high up in the sky
With Michal
As he turns one!

Friday, May 18
984 Ritter Street
4 PM

RSVP Captain Sharlene 256-237-0581

A sweet and simple rhyme, perfect for any charming little boy.

Fly over for a little cake and a lot of fun
Our little captain is turning one!

When: May 18, Friday
Where: 984 Ritter Street
Time: 4 PM

Save a seat with Sharlene 256-237-0581

Here is another airplane party invitation wording with rhyme.

Our Little Pilot Michal
Is flying into One!
Join us for an afternoon of fun

Fly on over to 984 Ritter Street
On Friday, May 18th
At 4 o’clock in the afternoon

Regrets only to Sharlene 256-237-0581

This one is a lot of fun and uses some terms associate with airplanes.

Buckle your seat belts
As we fly up, up and away
It’s Michal’s 1st Birthday!

Friday, May 18th
984 Ritter Street
4 PM

RSVP Pilot Sharlene 256-237-0581

Something longer for invitations with more space for wording.

Michal is turning One!
Join us for a celebration
So he won’t be flying solo

On May 18, Friday
At the Brown Airport, 984 Ritter Street
Party takes off at 4 PM

RSVP Flight Engineer Sharlene 256-237-0581

Searching for something else? If you haven’t found what you need, all you need is a bit more time. Take a look around and you will surely find lots of other ideas for airplane party invitations.

But I am Just TIRED of Coming Up with Clever Wordings Every Year! Is There a Template?

I hear you… with a few kids I used to do it several times a year. But I have now switched to templates — yes they are available, but better yet you can customize with your party details so it still LOOKS personal.

It saves so much time, and really, not that expensive!

airplane party invitation wording