30th Birthday Invitations: 12 Toast-Worthy Ideas!

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On July 13, 2014
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30th Birthday Invitations

Is the Big Day coming up for your dear one? Whether it’s for a family member or close friend, these 30th birthday party invitations are chic, classy and affordable at the same time.

30th Birthday Invitations for Ladies

1. Alluring Balloons

30th birthday invitations

Celebrate the Big Day with this design with a unique umber color theme and interesting glittering effects on the balloons

2. And Carry On

30th birthday invitations for women

These 30th birthday invitations are among the popular and hilarious Keep Calm series printed in vibrant color of red lanterns… it’s designed to be a postcard but if you wish it is easy to find coordinating envelopes with this color.

Very happy with the quality of these invites. I changed the back layout so it wasn’t a postcard just an invite with invite on front and info on back. I added a magnetic strip to the back so it became a fridge magnet!” ~ HopefromOz, Australia

3. Pretty Macaron

milestone birthday party invitations for girls

What a great excuse to have a full-blown party wity Macaron and whole lot of other pastries? This card will certainly impress and excite all your female friends.

4. Macaron Delights

30th birthday party invite  for women

Yet another macaron themed  30th birthday invitations with an interestingly different style and color tone.

[I] absolutely adored the colors and even more so when i got the cards in person. i think the card is wonderfully designed as well. i dont know what else to say but this card is great & i cant wait to hand out my invitations.” ~ Ambar, New York

5. Wrapped In Balloons

30th birthday party invites for ladies

A pretty milestone birthday invite with colorful watercolor with a more gentle stroke and a touch of sophistication.

6. Posh Partition

30th birthday party invites for girls

This invitation gives you a lot of freedom to customize based on the font and color. There is also space to create your own party wordings if necessary.

[S]imple but impactful design. great paper quality as always! Tons of font choices. Easy to customize.” ~ CJones

7. Paisley Damask

milestone birthday party invitations for girls

Beautifully printed invitation on quality paper. You will love the ease of typing in information and instantly seeing how it actually look.

I love the design and quality of this card. I love how you can also add a photo and/or caption on the back of the card as well. Since I used this card for a milestone birthday invitation, I put a photo of myself during my 1st birthday on the back of it.” ~ Charla46, California

30th Birthday Invitations for Men

Whether you are getting this for you boyfriend, husband… or for yourself, these invites are truly out of the ordinary!

8. Magnificent Mustsche

30th birthday invitations for men

A bold design that will certain get the attention — and let the invite set the tone for the Big Day!

9. Dirty 30

30th birthday invitations for men

Definitely a invitation of choice for the sporty and the adventurous — can use this card for any ball games, paintball, camping and other outdoor activities.

I was able to personalize this card way more than i expected. Just so happens my husbands nickname is Dirty, so they changed it to Dirty’s 30 which was PERFECT. The quality of the card is impeccable. I have ordered invitations from other compaines before and their cardstock is half the weight of tinyprints. The printing is flawless. While I have not sent them out yet, I know that these invitations will definitely set the tone for the party. Even the envelopes had a heavy paper! And just the other day I received a handwritten thank you from the designer expressing thanks for my order and wishing me well on the party. How sweet! you dont get that from Wal Mart.”

Gender Neutral Milestone Invites

10. Charming Chalk

30th birthday invitations

An elegant card for milestone parties that allows you to put in more party details.

11. Turning Type

30th birthday invitation for men

Interesting playing with the numbers — I would imagine that the birthday guy who deals with numbers in his profession will love it. I like this version with the khaki-colored background, but there are two more choices of “basil” and “smoke” for your consideration.

 12. Sudden Surprise

milestone surprise birthday invitations

This is a gender-neutral card that is brightly printed with this clear message — that this is intended to be a surprise party.

Other Great Milestone Party Invites

These invites are not be specially designed for the 30th birthday, but the birthday age can be easily customized so it can just be the perfect 30th invite for you. Check out my Pinterest boards for more party ideas.