1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording for Boys and Girls

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On September 26, 2013
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1st birthday invite wordings

A first birthday is always special both for parents and the celebrant. For many, it is a way to celebrate all the wonderful things that have happened in their child’s first year of life. With such a special event, there is no doubt that parents will want to let the world know about it in style. A first birthday party invitation with  matching wording is the best way to do this.

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Here is a 1st birthday party invitation wording perfect for any sweet little princess:

Cute,sweet and lots of fun,
Our little darling is turning one!

Won’t you join us for Ava’s First Birthday
At 1234  Figueroa Lane on June 28, Sunday 2 PM.

Regrets only to Tasha 773 558 2300

Little boys can have their share of first birthday invitation wording rhymes too:

Time sure flies when you’re having fun
We’ve had a year full of blessings with our son,
And now he is turning one!

Come celebrate with us on June 28, Sunday
At 1234 Figueroa Lane at 2 PM.

RSVP to Tasha 773 558 2300

For a more serious and sentimental tone try this 1st birthday party invitation wording:

Ava is Turning 1
A year has passed and she has grown so fast
Come help and celebrate this special date

When: June 28, Sunday
Where: 1234Figueroa Lane
Time: 2 PM

Regrets 773 558 2300

Here is one that can be used for both boys and girls:

Please do come for a bit of cake and a lot of fun
Our little host is turning one!
Please help us celebrate Ava’s first birthday

June 28, Sunday 2 PM
At 1234 Figueroa Lane.

RSVP to Tasha 773 558 2300

A short and sweet way to get guests excited:

Someone Special is turning One
Won’t you join us and have some fun?

Come to Grant’s First Birthday
On June 28, Sunday at 2 PM
At 1234 Figueroa Lane.

Regrets only to  Tasha 773 558 2300

Need More Inspirations?

1st birthday party invitation wordingThere are many other ways to let guests know about a special first birthday invitation for boys as well as first birthday invites for girls. Many other ideas and inspirations can help make an important day such as this, extra special.